My 2018 Holidays

I can’t believe I haven’t posted here since December 3.It’s now time to correct this oversight.

It may seem strange for me to talk about the holidays now but what better way of starting out the New Year then by recapping the old.

In 2018 as usual I observed the same traditions I’ve been for the past several years.The Friday before Christmas 2 friends and I got together for dinner to celebrate since one of them would be away visiting family on Christmas day.On Christmas Eve my friend Drew and I had lunch together as we have been doing for the past 20 years.Then at night I went to the candlelight Christmas Eve service.In the morning I went to my Mom’s and she and I exchanged our gifts.Later in the day my sisters and their husband’s arrived and more gifts were given.When I returned home from visiting with family Drew came over and we opened our gifts as we usually do.Again this tradition has been observed for the past 20 years.

On New Years Eve I had a few friends here and we celebrated…

An Awesome Weekend

My weekend was awesome.It didn’t start out that way though.There is nothing like a visit to the dentist to spoil the fun. This is especially true when one has a bad gag reflex as I do.I’ll spare you the details but suffice it to say it definitely wasn’t pleasant.During my time in the chair I kept thinking of the fun to come later on that evening.I knew scheduling would be tight but I was determined to go out and let my hair down after what for me was a very busy week.

Since our ride was picking us up at around 5 I bought dinner on the way home from the dentist.Let’s hear it for Arby’s roast beef and a hot apple turnover for dessert!

When I arrived home I was thankful to realize I had plenty of time to eat without gulping down my food.How’s that for another blessing?

When our ride got here everyone was ready and we were soon off.It seemed as though it was taking forever to get to Carousel House and I kept looking at my watch to see how long we had actually been riding.Finally we stopp…

An Anniversary Of Sorts

It was one year ago today that I had my thyroid removed.  I'm celebrating for so many reasons.  I can eat without choking on food, I can sing without losing my breath and I don't wake up in the middle of the night trying to catch my breath. 

It was a long journey from diagnosis to thyroid removal but opting for the riskier option has really paid off.  Now it is time for me to post about what I've been through.  It is my hope that if someone reads this and is dealing with thyroid disease or considering their treatment options that what I share will be helpful and encourage them as they make the decision that's right for their needs. 

My journey began in 2013 when I went to my family Doctor for a physical.  At the time I was experiencing chronic severe leg pain.  When I told him about it he checked my legs for blood clots.  finding none he did a surprising thing.  He examined my neck.  When the exam was complete he recommended an ultrasound of my thyroid.  I was inform…


Since this is a short week I have a feeling time will get away from me and Thanksgiving will come and go before I have an opportunity to post what I'm thankful for.  Here's my year in review.

Last November I had my thyroid removed and although I didn't feel well when I first woke up and I had some discomfort I'm thankful that   it's out.  Now the thyroid disease I suffer from is more manageable. 
In December I attended a WPCC concert as an audience member.  It was great seeing everyone and I also had the opportunity to attend the end of season dinner that we usually have.  the camaraderie in this chorus is incredible.  We aren't just a group of singers on a mission to share music with those who may not have the opportunity to be entertained very often but the group is so much like a family. I've never been a part of a chorus like this.  I love it and feel truly blessed. 
December also brought about Christmas traditions some of which have been ongoing for…

My Rant About Voting

Very rarely will I use this space to rant however when  getting on my soap box has the potential  to bring about positive change I feel speaking out becomes necessary. 

Yesterday was Election Day and I made every effort to cast my ballot.  I've been voting at the same polling place since 2012 and I always use the audio option on the machine so I am able to vote in private like everyone else.  Usually there isn't a glitch but unfortunately yesterday there was. 

I should have known because my first attempt to go to the polls ended up in a disaster.  I went first thing in the morning since according to the weather forcast the rain that was already falling was only going to get harder and we were in for some thunderstorms too.  Since I was walking I figured I'd better take advantage of traveling during light rain.  When I set out it was only drizzilin and I was very thankful.  I began to feel hopeful that I might get to the municipal services building and back before a downp…

Graditude again

I'm pausing to share more of what I'm thankful for. 
On Monday I attended a discussion call  hosted by  CCLVI. As a result I believe I will be given opportunities to take on new projects and leadership roles.  I'm excited about what this means for my future.

today I spent time with a friend I've known since high school. We've remained close through the years even during the time I worked at night and she worked during the day but it has been almost a decade since we've seen each other in person. It was nice  having lunch at Walt's where we both enjoyed cheese steaks and funnel cake fries. 

While I was waiting for my friend to arrive I was sitting on the front step enjoying the sunshine and cool breeze when suddenly this little ball of fur threw itself into my lap. the tail was going and this little dog began licking my face, neck, and chin  As I began to pet her she attempted to lick my arms but couldn't reach them since I had a jacket on.  My neighb…

Glaucoma Part 2

I mentioned in a previous post that it took a few years for my left eye to catch up to my right one in terms of developing Glaucoma.  Well, it actually had a little help along the way. 

In early 1983 I went back on the transplant list so that I could obtain a cornea for my left eye.  I was elated about this because I already had a decent amount of usable vision in this eye and I figured getting a new cornea would only enhance my ability to see better. 

This time I did not have to undergo a preparatory surgery prior to the transplant. All I had to do is get on the list and wait to be notified that a cornea had become available. 

In mid May the call came. I was in school and when I went to my 9th period class the teacher told me not to bother sitting down because I was needed in the nurse's office immediately. I knew what that meant and I rushed off  feeling such joy and excitement as I literally ran through the halls.  When I saw the nurse she informed me that my Mom was on her w…