Accessible Blind Selfie Challenge

I'm told that not only is  this the first day of summer but it is also National Selfie Day.  Someone from one of the groups I'm involved with has challenged everyone to write a word picture of ourselves and post it on Facebook.  since I do not have an account there I decided to utilize this as an opportunity to update my Blog.  So here goes! 

I'm sitting by an open window with a book in my hand.  My reading glasses are perched on my face and I'm settling in for an extended period of peaceful, quiet, enjoyment.

Checking In

It seems as though all I’ve been doing is updating and I’m not being very consistent with that either.I really wanted to challenge myself to post once a week but am falling short of that goal miserably. Life has gotten in the way but I promise I will eventually write those stories I referred to in my previous post.Right now life has thrown me a curveball.I will share what is happening here at some point but I want to see how everything turns out once I go back to the Eye doctor this week.In the meantime I will update you on what I’ve been doing.

Yesterday I attended another meeting of the Writer’s circle.Although I don’t intend to write for children it was still interesting to listen to those who are doing it or who have interest in that topic.Besides if I didn’t attend then I’d miss out on getting those all important prompts.Even though they are just a fun exercise it is a reminder of how far behind I am if I want to write a story about each of them.Right now I have 6 just begging f…

More On Writing

I know it’s been over a month since I last posted and that’s terrible. There are some really good reasons forthis lapse.I’ve had a lot going on andduring my hiatus I received a piece of advice that I had to digest.Someone from the writer’s group I attend mentioned that if people post on their blogs then attempt to send work to an Editor or Publisher their work may not be accepted because it could fall into the category of being previously published.This caused me to stop and re-assess what I am doing on these pages.I’m not sure I’ll ever write my entire life story or if I do I don’t know if I’d want it published.However if I continue to write about events in my life and decide I want to share those entries in a book I might have a harder time getting it published.

The purpose of this blog is to share how I live joyfully despite having a visual impairment as well as other challenges I may face along the way.So talking about my life past present and future is important.Sometimes doing…

Thoughts On Writing

I recently began reading some publications focused on writing.I decided to do this for a few reasons.First of all I want to continue to learn more about the craft.I also want to focus my attention on trends and ways to be more creative.This is the first step in challenging myself to expand my horizons this year.

The second step I’ve taken is to look for a writer’s group I can actively participate in. The first one I attended was a dud.Some of what I would call the more professional writers did nothing but criticize others who did not write at the same level as they did. For example someone who published a book and has an agent made fun of an individual who had a blog.By the time I left that first group I felt so discouraged and angry.I decided joining a writer’s group wasn’t for me. Then one day I received an email from an institution that I have taken classes from.A writers group was being formed and I was invited to become a part of it.As I read the notice my interest became piqued…

Books and Reading

Like a lot of people I was read to as an infant and small child.I have wonderful memories of those times. My Mom or her Mother would sit with me for hours at a time.I loved hearing their voices as they read and many times I wished I could have recorded them.

When I was around 4 I received my first talking book player.This machine was huge and heavy for a child of my size.I used it to play records that came from the library for the blind.I loved that machine because it meant I could listen to a book on my own instead of waiting for family members to finish what they were doing and read to me. I remember reading magazines and many other books on this record player.One such series stands out for me and that is the Cherry Aims series.I remember reading that for a Vacation Reading Club one summer.I had so much fun participating in that program when I was growing up.I’d read my requisite 3 books during the summer and after each one I’d call in and report on it to a librariandesignated to …

My 2018 Holidays

I can’t believe I haven’t posted here since December 3.It’s now time to correct this oversight.

It may seem strange for me to talk about the holidays now but what better way of starting out the New Year then by recapping the old.

In 2018 as usual I observed the same traditions I’ve been for the past several years.The Friday before Christmas 2 friends and I got together for dinner to celebrate since one of them would be away visiting family on Christmas day.On Christmas Eve my friend Drew and I had lunch together as we have been doing for the past 20 years.Then at night I went to the candlelight Christmas Eve service.In the morning I went to my Mom’s and she and I exchanged our gifts.Later in the day my sisters and their husband’s arrived and more gifts were given.When I returned home from visiting with family Drew came over and we opened our gifts as we usually do.Again this tradition has been observed for the past 20 years.

On New Years Eve I had a few friends here and we celebrated…

An Awesome Weekend

My weekend was awesome.It didn’t start out that way though.There is nothing like a visit to the dentist to spoil the fun. This is especially true when one has a bad gag reflex as I do.I’ll spare you the details but suffice it to say it definitely wasn’t pleasant.During my time in the chair I kept thinking of the fun to come later on that evening.I knew scheduling would be tight but I was determined to go out and let my hair down after what for me was a very busy week.

Since our ride was picking us up at around 5 I bought dinner on the way home from the dentist.Let’s hear it for Arby’s roast beef and a hot apple turnover for dessert!

When I arrived home I was thankful to realize I had plenty of time to eat without gulping down my food.How’s that for another blessing?

When our ride got here everyone was ready and we were soon off.It seemed as though it was taking forever to get to Carousel House and I kept looking at my watch to see how long we had actually been riding.Finally we stopp…